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DR1000 can eliminate unsightly gum pollution with its multi-functional, user and environmentally friendly solution.

We combine dry steam with our proprietary environmentally safe solution to remove gum in seconds without making a mess. It’s like magic.

Clean more than just gum, with our added attachments, the DR1000 cleans/removes: gum, graffiti, stubborn stains, wax, rust, lime, oil, grease, mould, mildews,  etc. It sanitizes amd kills  most bacteria and removes tape residue from almost any surface.

Our RTU-T solution (TTC APPROVED), is  environmentally friendly and has been tested as the best cleaning solution available. We feel strongly that once you see this machine in action you will agree that this is the solution for gum pollution.

Features & Benefits

  • User friendly with versatile attachments
  • Environmentally friendly RTU-T solution approved by the Toronto Transit Commission
  • ETL, CSA SPE1000 approved
  • Cleans up to 900 pieces of gum/hr
  • Uses less than 2L of water/hr
  • Effective on most surfaces
  • Safe for use in public places/pedestrian friendly
  • Can be used indoors/outdoors

Built to Last

  • Stainless steel (18/10) body
  • Stainless steel safety boiler
  • Aircraft aluminum cleaning wand
  • Steam tube connection with safety lock
  • 12V steam/cleaner buttons

Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 110V – 50 Hz

Installed power: 1500 KW boiler

Operating Pressure: 0.5 MPa (5bar, 72 PSI)

Safety Devices

  • Mechanical valve to regulate steam
  • Electronic safety cut-off device
  • Mechanical safety pressure release valve
  • Safety thermostats